AXEL S. fashion eyewear exemplifies creative style based on local tradition and technical perfection. We always place particular emphasis on the individual touch when designing and producing our collections.

„Fancy wearability“ – that’s our slogan for years. Our AXEL S. models aren’t made for the mainstream, but for fashionable individuals. Because of our unique material composition, the expressive shape and the unusual style, our collection is appreciated by customers who prefer special creations beside the mainstream products.

Characteristic of our quality are expressive designs, fine handcraft working of acetate and stainless steel and the wonderful color combinations. 

We want to take you along on a virtual voyage of discovery through the world of AXEL S. and reawaken your curiosity and your interest in our fashion eyeglass frames.

Let yourself be inspired!
Greetings from the Black Forest!

Your AXEL S. Team