This year we are celebrating our 40th birthday. 40 years AXEL S., that’s a real story of great success. Since 1974 our name and our products have been a combination of excellent design and quality. We are an independent label and since our beginning we distinguish from the mainstream as a mixture of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

We always directed our attention to acetate frames in all different kind of shapes and colors. In the 70’s, when we started, big and strange models were the latest rage. Of course, AXEL S. too. Today, we’ve come full circle.

Our clients do not buy just a name. But they buy design, a look and a special feeling. Our frames, that’s latest fashion combined with high demand on style, top quality and love to detail. We love clear shapes and wonderful colors.

Let yourself be inspired!
Greetings from the Black Forest!

Yours AXEL S. Team