Fancy wearability.

We design our often fancy, but always wearable eyewear models in their strikingly beautiful color combinations for self-assured individualists. This is not the place for mass-produced items. For us quality in design always means the consonance of form and function.

Eyewear fashion by AXEL S. delights all age groups. Classic, elegant, sporty, yet without being casual. Styles in flowing lines and colors in captivating compositions. Fashion by AXEL S. isn't dramatic or eccentric, but rather remains natural, harmonic and yet always refined.

Fashion without colors?

Absolutely inconceivable. Especially with AXEL S. Because our world isn't gray. For us colors are a sensuous experience. We're surrounded by colors, react to them and we work with them. This becomes particularly apparent in our hand-painted models.

Let yourself be seduced!